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Bungee Jumping - Air Category Extreme Skill, Air Category

Bungee Jumping - Air Category

Bungee Jumping is a fantastic action sport for someone who wants an adrenaline rush. In this sport, an elastic rope (bungee) is tied to the legs of the jumper and he/she jumps from a high cliff, bridge or a similar natural or building structure. Heart pumps incessantly when your legs are up with adrenaline flowing through the body. Youre falling with your feet up, head down and youre completely inverted. Youre going close to the ground. Apparently, it brings a feeling of roller coaster. Youve been falling continuously for a few seconds. You start thinking where is the bungee?

After experiencing the initial free fall, the elastic rope rebounds and the jumper feels a bounce back. You feel that rope is pulling you back. After moving up, you again experience a dip but this time, a slower one. Again, the rope pulls you up but it is not as strong as the previous one. At the end, youll be pulled up with a connector. All this adventure takes around 60 seconds. If youre weak-hearted, stay away from Bungee Jumping.

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