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Dirt Riding (ATV) - Earth Category Extreme Skill, Earth Category

Dirt Riding (ATV) - Earth Category

ATVsjust aren't made for adrenaline. But it can absolutely be a dangerous sport. Dirt Riding ATV results in more than 50% crashes as compared to its counterpart dirt bike riding. ATVs are heavy so there are more chances that he driver crashes on the vehicle and not thrown away as happens in bikes. If youre going to participate in dirt riding, you must be ready for mental and physical drain.

Believe me or not, rolling over ATV is quite easy but you never wanted to be a sandwich at the bottom. ATV weighs between 600 to 800 pounds so itd be life threatening. These are powerful machines and if you drive them carelessly in muddy areas, these can be lethal. All the riding tricks take a hefty toll on the energy levels. Anyone who drives ATV wants to get right into hair-raising speed but it has a button throttle. So you must go slow at the initial stage and then adjust the speed according to the route difficulties.

Since ATV Dirt Riding is an extreme sport, you must wear proper safety gears including helmet, goggles, gloves and boots.

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