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Drag Racing (Bike) - Earth Category Extreme Skill, Earth Category

Drag Racing (Bike) - Earth Category

In this action sport, two monster bikes compete for maximum speed and honor through the course of quarter-mile drag strip. A good launch is a key to the victory. The two bikers strive hard to leave the starting point with maximum acceleration. To do this, you need to master the art of handling the clutch and the throttle. Since the speed is too much high there are great chances of a wheelie. To avoid such a situation, biker puts maximum weight to the front and tries to stay as close as possible to the fuel tank of the bike. In addition to that, he doesnt allow the front wheel to come up more than two inches otherwise, he will experience a wheelie.

Best bikes like ZX-14 or Hayabusa are favorite for bike drag racing. A high-revving middleweight like an R6 will need 10,000 rpm or even more for a clean launch.To get a start, you must look for the yellow light and not the green light. In that case, youll get too late. All the bikes behave differently so you need to practice the best possible combination of throttle opening, clutch slip and rpm so that you could get the best start. You can make adjustments like tire types, suspension and pressure according to the track conditions.

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