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Drag Racing (Car) - Earth Category Extreme Skill, Earth Category

Drag Racing (Car) - Earth Category

Are you a driver who is obsessed with speed? If youre the one, you must go for drag racing. In fact, this overwhelming lust for extreme speedy rides gave birth to this amazingly popular action sport in the USA. This most spectacular, loudest and fastest sport started in the Californian deserts in 1930s.

Most recognizable are the stunning Nitro Funny Cars. These are the speed beasts and reach a speed of more than 300 miles per hour within a few seconds. On an asphalt strip, two cars ranging from top fuel monsters to standard local vehicles, line up side by side. These monsters cover a distance of mile(1,320ft (402m)), or a shorter (1,000ft (305m))which is gaining enormous popularity in the recent time. The knock out format is followed in this sport and the winner proceeds to the next stage. Cars in drag racing are usually modified to gain extra speed and momentum in quick span of time. Generally, people join drag racing clubs to participate in competitions. Besides, you must wear MSA-compliant safety kitto run your car on the track.

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