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Drifting (ATV) - Earth Category Extreme Skill, Earth Category

Drifting (ATV) - Earth Category

If youre bored of two wheels thrills, here is an enthusiastic four wheel drive for you. Its an amazing deal of thrill. The relatively new thrill in the town is the ATV drifting. Like the bike drifting, you can perform almost all the tricks and swings. You only need to learn the skill set to control this four wheel beast. Adventure seekers often modify their ATVs so they could perform overwhelmingly during the drifts.

Brakes and throttle plays main role in ATV drifting. You need to push the throttle hard and try to lock the wheels, the rest your machine will do on its own. Even the tires are not gripping the road; you must be in control of your ATV. Remember, if you crashed and found yourself under the ATV, it can be life threatening. However drifting is really nothing new. If your ATV's rear end has ever swung around on a wet road, and you've struggled for 50 feet to get control, you've drifted. Before taking part in ATV drifting session, you must wear proper kit for your safety and security.

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