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Drifting (Bike) - Earth Category Extreme Skill, Earth Category

Drifting (Bike) - Earth Category

Undoubtedly, its an extreme sport of brave drivers fueled with courage, skill and adrenaline. Bike Drifting is a special type of driving skill in which the biker intentionally over steers and causes the back tire to lose grip of the surface traction. In this way, he is able to control the bike from its entry to the exit over the corners of a track. In bike drifting, skill and the style trump the raw power. In judged competition, heats are run on a short, twisting track designed to test the skill of the driver.

The competition is not about the speed but the ability of bikers to keep control of bikes during the entire track. StreetBike drifting is evaluated through the factors involving angle, line, speed and the overall impression of the bikers ability and technique to drift. If you will drift slowly, youll get negative marking and if you will do it recklessly, youll also be penalized. Bike Drifting is a quite dangerous so all the completions are carried out under the strict rules and regulations with proper safety measures.

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