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Drifting (Car) - Earth Category Extreme Skill, Earth Category

Drifting (Car) - Earth Category

Drifting combines the salient features of most exciting sport of racing and showcases it a thrilled way. Smoke bellowing, breakneck speeds, rushing blood and pumping hearts are the characteristics of car drifting. The recipe of a great drifting car involves engine tenability,amazing chassis balance, a limited slip differential, powerful throttle, maximum acceleration and obviously accessible tuning parts to make the aforementioned a reality. During the drift, the front tires are in the opposite direction of the rear tires. The adjustment of front and rear ride, LSD settings, the damping ratio, natural frequency and the suspension can produce amazing drifting results.

A combination of acceleration and application of brakes along with the handbrake initiates the car drifting. Counter-steer refers to steering the car, at the moment it starts sliding, in the same direction as the slide.It determines the degree of sliding you desire. The performance is evaluated on the basis of four factors. These involve the angle at which your car is drifting, your distance from the record line, the speed of your car during the drifting and the duration of your drift.

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