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Flyboarding - Water Category Extreme Skill, Water Category

Flyboarding - Water Category

Are you thinking to walk on water? Its a stunning invention that will make you totally look like a dolphin, dude! Its an amazing ride that lets you experience the thrill of flying above or below water. Flyboarding is the latest craze hitting the waters around the world. Its already a hit with thrill-seeking celebrities such as Leonardo di Caprio, Tom Cruise and Vin Diesel. A personal water craft fitted with a water jetpack/hover board offers you the maximum fun. The propulsion supported by the air and water drives the person up and forward above the water surface. Water is forced through two boots connected with the jet nozzles. It provides enough thrust so that Flyboard rider can fly about thirty feet high of the surface.

Just as we use wheels on the road in different ways, so there are many different ways to enjoy the waves, and Flyboarding is one of those extreme sports. There is no involvement of seed and you need to wear helmet speaker microphone and of course, a life jacket for your safety. Get ready to surf the clouds like a joyful human fish.

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