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Free Climbing - Earth Category Extreme Skill, Earth Category

Free Climbing - Earth Category

Ten feet to go! Muscle burning, sweat dripping, grip weakening and youre going to make a new personal record. Free climbing has its own pros and cons. Its an absolutely terrifying action sport where the daredevils climb up the hills, cliffs or skyscrapers without any rope or safety. Equipment, when used, is for protection only and not to assist with the climb.

And what are the fears associated with Free Climbing? At least, youll get few scratches. Maybe one or two of your bones break or your head breaks like a shattered egg. Its purely for the exhilaration and the thrill. Muscle power, balance and a good grip have paramount importance to climb during Free Climbing. As a freelancer athlete, you must have lower body strength so that you can keep your feet fixed on very small edges.

The euphoria coming from scaling the skyscrapers and hills of some of the most mesmerizing country side can only be experienced by being out there. Join a club or a group. Travel through the country or the world conquering the mountains and cliffs.

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