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Freestyle Stunt (ATV) - Earth Category Extreme Skill, Earth Category

Freestyle Stunt (ATV) - Earth Category

If you want to be a driver of freestyle stunt of ATV, you must have a skill set, guts and a bit of a loose screw. Well, the adrenaline rush is there for sure but is it safe let go of an ATV in mid air or hang off the side? Not for many but thrill seekers dont bother about it. They just want to live the moment.

Riders perform some breathtaking stunts on ATVs. They will push both of their legs behind the ATV while jumping high into the air with their vehicle. As a matter of fact, the constructs of these ATVs is quite robust and they can bear crashes and falls. As a result, you can expect some dangerous freetyle stunts you never experienced in other extreme sports. Competitions of Freestyle Stunt are held all across the world and you can get more information about these events on sports portal. Participants are required to wear safety gears before becoming a part of the competition. You can also expect serious injuries as you do in any other action sport.

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