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Freestyle Stunt (BMX) - Earth Category Extreme Skill, Earth Category

Freestyle Stunt (BMX) - Earth Category

Amazing option for someone who wants to chase the thrill of stunts! An adventurous sport where riders attempt to pull off next to impossible tricks and gain massive air! You can be superman by leaving both of your feet or you can turn your BMX stunt 360 in the air. BMX Freestyle Stunt is attracting millions of people around the world.

The high-adrenaline thrill of BMX Freestyle is creating a stir on the extreme sports scene. BMX bikes are stubborn and are made to handle tackle demanding terrains and loads that road or mountain bikes never do. Apparently, these look quite simple with fat tires and great shock absorbers. Riders show their skills on four different platforms including streets (public and urban spaces), BMX park (exclusively riding Skateboards), Vert ramp, trails (made of heavily compacted dirt) and Flatland. Basically, riders perform two types of tricks; flat land tricks and air tricks. It will be a part of the Olympics 2020. Without any doubts, safely landing a trick brings maximum fun and joy but crashing your BiCycle brings a big OUCH.

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