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GP Racing - Earth Category Extreme Skill, Earth Category

GP Racing - Earth Category

Unquestionably, GP Racing offers unique and thrilling race experience. Its all about speed. Its about indulging entirely in the current moment and putting even the last ounce of energy, bravery and power to be victorious. Its the game in which a split-second can cause a defeat into a victory. Were talking about the world most admired racing the GP Racing where the fastest men on the quickest bikes on the earth compete for the glory.

Riders ride on the racing beasts specially formulated for Moto GP races. They can touch a speed of 200 miles per hour and can turn as steep as 70 degrees around the corners. With the elbows and knees of the riders sometime kissing the surface these bikes are the ultimate presentations of latest technology. Like the formula one, races are held on various tracks across the world. Riders have to complete a set number of laps. Rider hitting the checkered flag first is declared triumphant. It was started in France but now it attracts millions of fans from all around the globe. Riders wear special safety gears for protection.

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