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Ice Climbing - Ice Category Extreme Skill, Ice Category

Ice Climbing - Ice Category

From Moscow to Canadian Rockies ice climbing is gaining extreme popularity in mountaineering sports. People love to explore ice-coated crags and scaling frozen waterfalls. Ice is not something youd like to climb? Isnt it? Nowadays, rather than being an obstacle on the way to the summit, climbing on ice is an adventure in and of itself.

The climbing equipment is chosen according to the nature of the ice. These range from ice screws to ice axes climbing helmet and ice climbing boots. Adventure lovers usually spend hours or even days with their faces flat against a glacier trying to conquer its treacherous, textured and slick surface with the assistance of ropes and picks. Its simultaneously adventurous and a quite dangerous sport with your life always at stake. So the fun and adventure hits the peak. Luckily, safety gear and a plethora of climbing equipment make ice climbing possible for anyone. Also, you can travel through the world exploring ice climbing destinations from Cogne, Italy to Iceland. A perfect extreme sport for any athlete who wants to taste the thrill and excitement!

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