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Ice Racing (Bike) - Ice Category Extreme Skill, Ice Category

Ice Racing (Bike) - Ice Category

Like a speedway, tracks in bike ice racing are oval in shape. Special types of tires are used for extra grip. However, eventually, there is no grip but thats only horrifying for a common man not for an enthusiastic. Two speed gear boxes are used because the tires in these races come up with spikes for extra traction with the icy surface.

200 to 250 spikes are there on the rear tire while the front tire has only 90 spikes. Of course, it is also about speed but the control mattes a lot on the slippery surface. The riding style required for studded ice racing is different from that used in the othertrack racingdisciplines. This means riders from this discipline rarely participate in Speedway or its other variants and vice versa. Tracks are often developed on the frozen ponds and lakes. Besides, its a great way to stay in touch with your favorite sport of racing even in the off season. These races include a set number of laps and the rider hitting the checkered flag first wins the race.

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