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Ice Racing (Car) - Ice Category Extreme Skill, Ice Category

Ice Racing (Car) - Ice Category

Do you want to experience the insane thrill of the chill? Do you want to embrace the cold? Its a craze of driving a car on a frozen lake and touching the speed of 100 miles per hour in ice racing. You might be thinking whether a sane human can do this? Yes, adventure lovers do this. Nothing compares to the thrill of driving a supercar on ice. Dozens of cars take part in wheel to wheel competitions and all of the participants are considered medically insane. It's like NASCAR, except a little slower, and on a rock-solid frozen lake.

Its popular across the world especially in the USA, Canada and Eastern Europe. You must learn the techniques to drive the car on slippery snowy lake, power slide across a frozen lake,balancing it in the perfect arc and tackling a number of challenging snow and ice tricks. For automotive racing lovers, its a great way to keep the competitive juice running through the blood even in the off season. Cars are modified to deal with the freezing cold. Ice racing competitions are usually held on weekends.

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