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Kiteboarding - Water Category Extreme Skill, Water Category

Kiteboarding - Water Category

Its quite simple. You just need to attach your feet with a board and strap yourself with a huge kite and let the wind allow doing the rest. But the execution requires hard work and practice. Actually, a combination of extreme water sports including surfing, skateboarding, wind surfing, wakeboarding, sailing and paragliding gave birth to this mesmerizing sport.

The kite plays the main role by pulling the rider through the water and even into the air. The harness is around the waist of the rider and the lines are connected to the harness. The rider controls the bar attached to the lines to control the ride.You will need to go through some training in order to understand the movement and direction control of the kite. Glide on the blue water on a board as you are pulled by the kite, surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches. kiteboarding is an exciting and challenging venture. You need to master the skills to stay a longer time of water surface to have some fun and amusement. However, its a costly sport and the whole set costs around $2000 in the USA.

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