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Longboarding - Earth Category Extreme Skill, Earth Category

Longboarding - Earth Category

Are you bored of traditional extreme sports then try longboarding. This game is quite similar to skateboarding but it has its own fun and limitations. As the name suggest the board is longer as compared to the skateboard. You can master tricks as you do in other skating sports. Undoubtedly, its an exhilarating way of exercising your reflexes and balance. On the other hand, people say that its an economical way to travel from one point to another point down the hill in an environment friendly and conservative manner.

Longboards are developed for fast and stable rides. You can turn more easily as compared to normal skateboard because the tires are wider and softer in longboards. The longer deck, or platform that you stand on, gives riders more stability, which is nice when you're trying to avoid eating more concrete than necessary. Riders may gain a speed of 50 miles per hour riding down the hill. Like any other extreme sport, you need to follow precautionary safety measures for a safe and secure ride. Probably, the scariest hazard will be oncoming cars leaving their lanes.

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