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Paragliding - Air Category Extreme Skill, Air Category

Paragliding - Air Category

Do you want to soar like a sparrow? Do you want to make crazy circles in the sky like a hawk or a seagull? Dream of flying is seen by almost all of us but paragliding turns this dream into a reality. It brings a true sense of freedom and power. Dont worry you dont have to leave flying to your dreams. Paragliding lets you reach the dizzying heights around the world.

As far as the basic principle is concerned, Paragliding has a great similarity with hang gliding. The wing in the paragliding is an elliptical-shaped parachute and you can easily fold it when youre not flying. Besides, Pilot doesnt stand on any frame. Paragliding starts from the earth surface and the wind pulls up the pilot high in the sky because of the already opened parachute. Pilot can slowly turn in the sky as compared to the hand gliding. Paragliding is a great deal of fun, whether you are able to experience it once, or become a certified pilot and fly every weekend. So turn your face to the wind and close your eyes to paraglide.

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