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Parkour - Earth Category Extreme Skill, Earth Category

Parkour - Earth Category

Derived from French word parcours, Parkour means route. Initially it was a part of military training but now it has also become a reputable member of urban extreme sports. In this action sport, the player moves from one point to another point without any support or aid. Its also known as free running. Its the game of sheer strength, eye-popping feats of agility and cat-like balancing acts. Participants use a combination of running, climbing, aerobatics and jumping to clear the urban obstacles.

Frankly, you must be blessed with some superhuman powers to meet the standards of Parkour. It includes leaping down flights of stairs, jumping over railings and benches, swinging from tree branches and play ground equipment and climbing upfences and walls. This extreme sport rooted in French military training and now its gaining enormous popularity in the USA. Significant numbers of people get injured during Parkour but there are still hundreds of thousands each year participating in this extreme sport only because of the fun and thrill involved. Start the Parkour and navigate the entire world by leaps and bounds.

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