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Rafting - Water Category Extreme Skill, Water Category

Rafting - Water Category

The idea of hurtling down a river in a blow up rubber boat, dodging whirlpools, falling down waterfallsand hitting rocks just sounds nuts right? Rafting is full of fun and excitement but it can also be dangerous at times. If youre an outdoor adventuring bug, you must be inspired by the adventures of Rafting. Obviously, it offers an escape from the daily boring life. People generally participate in form of teams. Its highly risky and challenging and requires a good deal of teamwork.

Rafting competitions are held on the tough and difficult sections of the river. Water is classified into six sections ranging from class 1 including Very small rough areas to class 6 including huge rocks, huge waves and potential hazards. The team reaching the destination first wins the race. Inflated rafts are used in the competitions. Most action sports involve single player but in rafting, you can enjoy those jaw dropping moments together with your team mates. Apart from the bonding and thrills of white-water rafting completion, you can also enjoy the natural surroundings in a whole new way. So why not go for rafting this season!

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