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Rally (Bike) - Earth Category Extreme Skill, Earth Category

Rally (Bike) - Earth Category

Nothing is more mesmerizing and adrenaline boosting than driving a bike on merciless tracks. All the participants have only one goal and thats to win the race and be glorious. No matter what are the hurdles ahead or how is tracking moving on but they just wanting to be the speediest on the track? Its all about rally on bike. Thrill seeker fight here for the pride.

Like any other extreme sport, if you want to be a part of rally racing, you must learn how to drive bike on the track. Besides, you must wear safety kit and safety gears for your protection. Its a quite dangerous action sport with accounting hundreds of injuries each year. You can even die on the track. But who cares. If someone is going for sheer thrill, he doesnt care about life. Its a game of people with an iron heart so the faint hearted must stay away. Youve to extreme athlete freelancer to be a part of rally racing.

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