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Rock Climbing - Earth Category Extreme Skill, Earth Category

Rock Climbing - Earth Category

Adventure lovers do this again and again despite falling. This is because a great amount of fear factor and thrill involved in this extreme sport. Rock Climbing involves both the artificial walls indoors and the natural mountains and cliffs outdoors. You need a great deal of sense of balance and stamina to conquer the heights. Rock climbing involves unknown risks and dangers. You may stick in a storm, off-route, benighted, or even you can crash, but all those things are the part of the game.

In rock climbing, the climber climbs up, down or across the artificial walls or the natural rocks. You have to reach a defined point or height without falling. This sport tests the endurance, agility, strength, balance and the mental approach. It is quite dangerous sport and the climber needs to learn and master all the climbing skills and equipment to climb safely through the route. Injuries are an essential part of climbing and climbers spend days to complete a route. Rock climbing in units is far easier than performing it solely. Wear proper gears and stick to safety manuals before going for climbing.

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