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Sandboarding - Earth Category Extreme Skill, Earth Category

Sandboarding - Earth Category

This is an adrenaline pumping adventure for thethrillseekers. Here youre warm welcome to the grainy world of sand boarding. Its a beautiful blend of snowboarding, skate boarding and surfing. The riders ride down or across sandy hot deserts where water is only a mirage or on the coastal dunes. You need to wear elbow and knee pads, a helmet, goggles and gloves for your safety. Also you need a proper board to skate over the sand. Sand boards are specifically designed so they could easily slide on the sand.

Like all other extreme sports you need to master the skills involved in Sand boarding. Sand boards size vary from four to six feet and they are available in the shapes of swallow tails, twin tips and square tails. Dunes are formed by nature and you can expect different degrees to slide each time. In fact, this extreme sport is not as risky but youll surely feel the adrenaline pumping here too. So the next time for thrill lovers; if there is no snow, no problem, there they go for sand boarding.

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