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Skateboarding - Earth Category Extreme Skill, Earth Category

Skateboarding - Earth Category

Competition is a driving force in the hearts of most athletes, but for some athletes, there is also something else pushing them ever to the edge: the thrill.They want to cross all the limits of speed and breathtaking tricks. Skateboarding originated in the California, USA and now it has become one of the most popular action sports around the globe.

Skateboarder jump on the ramps, grind on rails and roll in pools. Actually, the whole world is their playing ground, its exciting and thrilling but at the same time, it can be very dangerous. But people all around the world love it. Street skateboarding is also very popular but it has caused severe accidents. To become a pro rider, you must master the skills and you need power, strength and precision to clear the obstacles and hurdles. You must wear proper skating shoe, a helmet and knee and elbow pads for your safety. Its a fun activity for both the kids and adults to enjoy their weekends. If you love thrill and excitement with ultimate fear factor, then this is a sport for you.

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