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Slacklining - Air Category Extreme Skill, Air Category

Slacklining - Air Category

Slacklining is an action sport and art including the features of balancing, recreation and meditation. It was evolved in California, USA by the rock climbers. A polyester or nylon webbing is fixed between two points, commonly two trees. The width of the webbing is about one to two inches. In some scenarios, it looks quite similar to tightrope walking. Although the history of this action sport dates back to 40 years however, it gained enormous popularity in the last decade. Now Slacklining has grown into a worldwide sport, with tricks and extreme feats.

Whenever someone puts is first step on the slakeline, he will shake, shake and shake and the slakeline itself will also shake. Even the second foot is still grounded. Meditation and balance are the key factors to become successful in this extreme sport. People perform various poses on the rope including Tree pose, Buddha pose, Warrior pose,sitting, kneeling, and standing postures. Like any other action sport, danger is involved in Slacklining but its not as much. You may hurt yourself but it depends upon the height of the slackline.

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