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Snowboarding - Ice Category Extreme Skill, Ice Category

Snowboarding - Ice Category

Snowboarding is an amazing way to thrill in the chill. The concept started in 1960s in the USA and officially became a part of Olympics in 1998. In snowboarding, the surfer stands on a large skate board attached to its feet and does maneuvers and tricks through the course. The snowboarding has always been the prime choice of dare devils looking for lots of adrenaline and countless vacations.

Snowboarding has various styles including free riding in which you just come down the mountain slope and youre free to perform any trick at your own will. In free style snowboarding, you perform tricks and jumps on the manmade ramp course and obstacles. In freecarve, surfers race down the slope usually with a slalom markings.The one reaching the final mark first wins the competition.

Whether youre jumping into the sky off the ramp, maneuvering yourself between trees and rocks on a sick slope, perform loops and rolls, its a complete adrenaline boosting extreme snow sport. At the start, you may suffer from injuries, bruises and fractured bones. But if offers lots of fun!

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