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Track Racing (Bike) - Earth Category Extreme Skill, Earth Category

Track Racing (Bike) - Earth Category

Do you have a need for speed?Experience the heart-racing thrill of track bike racing. Track racing is gaining the same popularity as the Moto GP has around the world. Participants taking part with some of the most technological advanced bikes and spectators shouting and chanting creates a life time experience.

Historians say that first bike racing started when a second motorbike rolled down the assembly line and both the riders challenged each other and the story of racing began from that day. The competitions are never polite. Kicking, pulling, dragging and fistfights add to the glamour of track racing. Its all the part of the fun and fans just love it. Riders touch the maximum speeds up to 100 miles per hour. Four to eight riders ride on an oval track for the glory. The bikes are customized with no brakes and these are fuelled with methanol. The absence of brakes clearly depicts how dangerous this action spot can be. However, its more about skill, balance and precision as compared to the speed. Tracks for racing can be divided into speedways, grass tracks, ice tracks and flat tracks.

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