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Track Racing (Car) - Earth Category Extreme Skill, Earth Category

Track Racing (Car) - Earth Category

If you have the need for speed, if you live for the adrenaline rush, there's no shortage of heart-stopping experiences in and rides in car track racing. Its all about satisfying your need for speed by racing a fast car on the track. Like the bikes racing track, its also has an oval track. Its a true combination of thrills and skills. For spectators, watching a track car racing event is always thrilling and exciting.

It is a thrilling ride, full of adventure that involves the most enthusiastic drivers who have a passion of driving cars. Nothing is more exhilarating and exciting than driving a super car reaching a speed of 60 miles per hours within just four seconds. The distinct aroma of the oil and gas burning, the roaring sounds of the engines, and the smell of the track and tires can excite any thrill seeker. Only in the UK, there are more than 35 tracks and 7000 active drivers. When you ride these super cars, there is no point of moving backward or quitting the race but theres only one way to go, from floor to the top, hit the throttle for full speed ahead.

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