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Waterfall Kayaking - Water Category Extreme Skill, Water Category

Waterfall Kayaking - Water Category

Faint hearted people must stay away. Undoubtedly, its the scariest extreme water sport. Kayaking through running water falls can be deadly. You need a conservative approach and lots of practice before you could go for a kill. As far as the thrill is concerned, its known as the Holy Grail of action sports.

Thrill seekers who want to die exhausted and not bored go for Waterfall Kayaking. Water levels keep on changing, wave speed fluctuates and the height of waterfall cant be measures precisely. All these factors add to the threat involved in Waterfall Kayaking. Youre dropping from a height of more than 180 feet so you must stay straight for safe landing. But even after that nobody can ensure that youll eat your dinner with your family on the weekend. While falling, you should move your paddle otherwise it can end up right in your face. Landing may involve a great impact and if your boat collides with a rock, the game is over. So you must wear proper gear and life jacket to survive in this extreme water sport.

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