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Wingsuiting - Air Category Extreme Skill, Air Category

Wingsuiting - Air Category

Welcome to the deadly and thrilling world of Wingsuiting. From prehistoric time, man has been dreaming to fly. Wingsuiting make this dream come true and you can soar in the sky like a superhero. Actually, it was invented by the seek thrillers who didnt want to fall on earth just like a brick as they do in base jumping and skydiving. They wanted to take it to the new heights of adventure. You can fly on your own, turn and even change your direction like a bird on your way down.

Think about the new sites you can visit and jump from now that you can fly and not just fall down. Flying above the ground, passing through canyons and moving in between trees on your way down is the ultimate fun that you can feel by learning the tricks of Windsuiting gradually. Competitions are held across the world but the real adrenaline rush comes from speedy free falling. Its a dangerous extreme support and can even claim your life. You must stay all the time vigilant and act like a professional to enjoy this extreme sport safely and securely.

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